About Coface

A Worldwide leader

The Coface group is a worldwide leader in credit insurance, offering companies around the globe solutions to protect them against the risk of financial default of their clients, both in the domestic market and export.
Coface guarantees USD 513 billion of customer debt in over 200 countries, including over USD 6 billion in the Middle East, and maintains a database of over 65 million companies around the world, with daily updates on payment and seller experience, financials, country risk and more.
Coface is present directly or via strategic partnerships in 100 countries, with the ability to provide cover for its clients in approximately 200 countries. Coface relies on its own international network, the Coface Partner Network of international partners and other partners brought in as needed.
Coface can provide its Globalliance credit insurance solution in all of these countries. It enables businesses to cover their subsidiaries too, via a single contract.

Countries where Coface has its own offices or an indirect presence through partners for the distribution of credit insurance:


Coface Partner
The Coface Partner Network


This worldwide network, which Coface started in 1992, brings together private companies and public institutions from the trade credit insurance sector.
They share the common goal to develop & extend trade credit insurance services to support domestic & export trade in many markets, while building on Coface’s expertise & unique company risk database.

Coface Partner Network complements and strengthens Coface’s international presence and enables its clients to enjoy expanded geographical coverage of our services and a deep knowledge of local economic conditions.
This international network also enables Coface to offer multinationals a structure suited to their needs which combines global reach and proximity.

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