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Debt Collection Provides Effective Measures for Risk Management in Business.


Quality management of various risks associated with business operations can be efficiently governed by utilizing the expert services of a professional debt collection services. Many businesses are seeing positive returns on their investment through quality networks that exercise the strategies that are effective in collecting on unpaid invoices and other negative client transactions. Coface offers reliable services of collection experts either through "Coface Partner" network or its own reach. The team is geared to work for the best interest of your business success and is available in 67 countries.



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Case Study


A relatively large Saudi engineering supplier experienced a strain relationship with one of their major customers, a large multinational company in the Energy sector. This was a sensitive ordeal because the customer was undergoing payment issues from a project for which they ultimately weren't compensated for and this led to cash flow shortage on their end. 


The extensive default in payment should have been an immediate cause for discontinued service by the supplier. Instead, the services of Coface were enlisted to negotiate collection attempts that presented options for the defaulted company. This prompted payment of the account as well as a resolved business relationship that would have otherwise been lost.

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