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Our publications enabling you to access the most up-to-date information on the markets and countries, helping guide your strategies and optimise your commercial decisions

Coface’s focus is to disseminate as much information as possible to business worldwide so they could protect themselves from the risks associated with the business as well as recognize the potential markets.
With a strong foundation of years of experience and competency gained through the years, our experts in the field of assessments wish to bring to readers through the publications:
  • Periodical reviews and important indicators of the economic environment;
  • Offer valuable insights and cover subjects which could open dimensions for more analysis.
Each Coface Panorama publication is not just an easy-to-use guidance tool, but also a medium for reflection. By zooming in on Spain’s banking crisis, for example, or on a possible Greek exit from the euro, we are able to decipher ways in which these events might affect businesses.

What areas do the Panorama’s cover?

Country Panoramas: The Country panoramas provide specific review of the country and highlight indicators on the economic situation of the country. It is a summary based on views from experts in this field from within as well as from outside the organization.


Country Risk Panoramas: Country Risk Panoramas are periodical reports on the country. They are usually published every quarter. It provides detailed assessments on the risk of doing business in each country. These evaluations are available on 158 countries and are accessible by all.


Sector Panoramas:  These are detailed evaluations on certain industries or sectors of business. It provides a general outlook of the risk involved in the specific business sector based on the experience of Coface risk experts and underwriters.


Business Default Panoramas: consists of the results of studies conducted on insolvencies in a particular region and is able to highlight the reasons behind it. The effect of the legal system on the situation and also the role of macro economical detriments and finally a  statistical study providing a forecast for further insolvencies.

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