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Business Information

Do you want to take risk blindly?


  • Access to updated information on trading partners
  • Information is simple and easy to understand
  • Solutions tailored to your needs
  • Excellent worldwide network for information collection
Access to relevant and updated information on buyers can prevent one from risk of Non-payment. The analysis of this information helps with decision-making.


Comprehensive and up-to-date information allows our customers to focus on real prospects, and to develop business relationships based on both trust and facts. Quicker decisions and faster reaction to customers' demands build a competitive advantage, and this advantage becomes even stronger when supported by effective information.


Extensive information helps our clients control the risk associated with particular customers or transactions, and supports credit decisions. 


Our clients can base crucial decisions on information collected by experts over more than a decade, and this saves time and money. 

Case Study

Case Study

A medium sized Dubai based company offering home appliances products has a large diverse portfolio of customers with new additions every month. Considering that they had no past experience with their new customers and no credit bureau to obtain information on existing ones, posed a challenge to monitor the customer’s creditworthiness. At this time they signed up for our business information service. Coface’s comprehensive information report allowed the company to not only support their customer credit policy but also improve their risk monitoring strategy. They are now able to extend good credit policies to their customers.

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